Every area will still have the $100 signup special offer available until construction begins in their area. If you have any questions please email info@co-mo.net.

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Not Assigned
Stover - 5Pending
Phase 1 - North Contract
California - 1Complete
California - 5Complete
California - 6Complete
California - 8Complete
Needy - 2Complete
Needy - 5Complete
Needy - 7Complete
Needy - 8Complete
Phase 1 - Shawnee Bend Contract
Shawnee Bend - 1Complete
Shawnee Bend - 5Complete
Shawnee Bend - 7Complete
Shawnee Bend - 8Complete
Phase 1 - South Contract
Gravois - 1Complete
Gravois - 2Complete
Gravois - 3Complete
Gravois - 4Complete
Gravois - 5Complete
Gravois - 6Complete
Gravois - 7Complete
Gravois - 9Complete
Sunrise - 1Complete
Sunrise - 2Complete
Sunrise - 3Complete
Sunrise - 4Complete
Sunrise - 5Complete
Sunrise - 6Complete
Sunrise - 7Complete
Phase 2 - Cell tower routes
High Point - 1Complete
High Point - 7Drops
Phase 2 - East Contract
Fortuna - 1Complete
Fortuna - 4Complete
Fortuna - 5Connects
Fortuna - 6Complete
Fortuna - 8Complete
Ivy Bend - 3Drops
Ivy Bend - 4Drops
Ivy Bend - 5Drops
Ivy Bend - 7Drops
Versailles - 1Drops
Versailles - 2Pending
Versailles - 8Drops
Phase 2 - West Contract
Edmonson - 3Connects
Edmonson - 4Connects
Edmonson - 6Connects
Edmonson - 7Connects
Mt. Hulda - 1Connects
Mt. Hulda - 4Connects
Mt. Hulda - 7Connects
Versailles - 3Connects
Versailles - 5Connects
Versailles - 7Drops
Phase 3/4 - Middle Contract
Florence - 1Connects
Florence - 3Drops
Florence - 4Drops
Florence - 5Connects
Florence - 7Connects
High Point - 3Connects
High Point - 5Connects
Stover - 1Connects
Stover - 3Drops
Stover - 6Connects
Stover - 7Connects
Phase 3/4 - North Contract
Pilot Grove - 2Connects
Pilot Grove - 5Connects
Pilot Grove - 6Connects
Pilot Grove - 7Drops
Pilot Grove - 8Drops
Prairie Home - 2Drops
Prairie Home - 3Drops
Prairie Home - 6Connects
Prairie Home - 8Drops

Construction status definitions

The status indicated above is the latest phase of construction that is in progress. A feeder may have multiple phases of construction going on concurrently. For example drops may be in progress while splicing is also taking place. There are multiple construction contracts going on simultaneously.

Pending - Construction has been approved and will start soon
Walk-out - Crews are walking the lines looking for issues for make-ready
Make-ready - Preparing the poles and lines for fiber attachment
Taking signups - Your area is ready for signups, but hasn't begun construction
Strand - Construction of aerial steel strand to hold up the fiber
Conduit - In an all underground location, conduit must be placed before fiber
Fiber - Mainline aerial fiber or underground fiber being placed
Splicing - Mainline fiber is being spliced together to form a network
Drops - Service drops being built to homes and businesses
Connects - Service is being installed inside the home or business
Complete - Construction has been completed by contractors.